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Centrometal, is a modern company, leader in metalworking cold since 1989, specialized in production and marketing of  metal roofing systems, outer covering, corrugated sheets, insulated panels, structural systems for large spans and of banded for civil an industrial plumbing.
The large wide of products allows us to work on projects related both to the field of new buildings and in the redevelopmente and rehabilitation of existing buildings in respect of the technical industry.
The highest quality materials, combined with a constant technological product innovation, help ensure high performance insulation and thermal / acoustic insulation, allowing multiple types of use, ranging from construction industry, public works to civilian.
Centrometal offers a dedicated technical service in able to ensure the creativity and originality of the solutions undertaken, safeguarding the accuracy of the construction and installation of the product.
The company chose the quality and the compliance certifications and standards of the industry to be environmentally friendly.

The production center covers an area of ​​15,000 sqm., 10,000 of which, covered with photovoltaic panels can generate a power of 300 KW.

The production plant and our offices are located in Marene the province of Cuneo, about 2 km from the motorway A6 Torino-Savona, in an area easily accessible by heavy vehicles. 

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