Sales and service

The Centrometal sales network is present throughout the national territory and it is a sensitive antenna that captures market trends and identifies new opportunities in product development.

Our partners are companies, firms or construction sites: these are the people, managers and technicians who love their work. They are also committed to finding the best solutions to fulfill their projects. Just like us.

Our sales network and our technical staff have turned to listening to suggestions, needs, problems of our customers and are in direct contact with the production area to quickly meet the demands and orders.

Our meetings

From Centrometal the door is always open! Customers who want to receive information and updates on products or learn the latest installation techniques or know the possibilities offered by the many accessories and available components, are always welcome in our office. Our guests will find professional and friendly staff: technicians are able to take charge of every doubt.

Join us on the farm just to satisfy a curiosity. We will be happy to show our production lines, the quality of the materials we use, the high competence of the staff.

Centrometal, in order to maintain the leading position on the market, organizes meetings for designers and professionals.






Our clients

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