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Structured organization, dynamic and responsive team.

Choose a Centrometal product means having a structure professionally organized, making use of qualified and efficient team, able to listen and to work together in finding solutions to your problems.

The company makes service and customer service a staple and a major plus. All Centrometal staff, from the sales network to the technical and sales staff, is particularly attentive to the interests, the needs of its customers and it is in direct contact with the production area, to quickly meet the demands and orders.

Being manufacturers of cutting-edge requires a strong commitment to the care and training of technicians and management. Therefore Centrometal employees regularly participate in meetings and training seminars on new products and new tecnologies.
Efficient and innovative solutions

Our clients have access to a technical department with qualified people able to offer adequate support in the planning stage, through specific solutions and techniques. These last allow to harmonize the architectural design with technical and construction needs, during the installation phase, for instance: Centrometal staff can offer practical advice and mounting solutions to make work easier and ensure technical and aesthetic results of great quality.

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