Logistics has become one of the determining factors for the company's competitiveness, placing great emphasis on all the organizational and strategic activities that govern the flow of materials and information.

Modern technologies and the professional management are the means that Centrometal uses to store and handle with care the raw materials and prepare the final product. Rapidity, punctuality and a dedicated service represent the added value of the logistics Centrometal.

We know what it means to work and how important it is for workers to rely on an efficient and timely delivery service. Since the sale is our practice to set a delivery date in accordance with the customer's needs, our production capacity and logistics activation time .

We invest for this on our means of transport and now we can boast a fleet of high standard. We have means equipped of any instrument in order to ensure efficient interventions in loading and unloading and therefore optimize the time of shipping. All the requirements are satisfied: from versatile small delivery van for quick transport to the great balance and the means with cranes for lifting large share of manufactured goods.

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